Cao Thắng Mall

Address: 19 Cao Thang, Ward 02, District 3

Cao Thang Mall is a complex building between a commercial center and an office, located on the front of busy and busy Cao Thang street. From this location, it is very convenient for you to quickly move to neighboring areas such as: District 1, District 5, District 10, …

The 6th and newest branch of G Office is currently located on the 8th floor of this building. Our shared office space here is invested in a very professional and environmentally friendly design, with green architecture which is a popular trend in the world. Guaranteed to bring you a fresh atmosphere and endless creativity.

In addition, the 16 services and office utilities and professional staff that we provide when you choose to rent an office here, will be a great support to help you completely develop your business with peace of mind. core activities and enhance the image of the business.



G Office brings the best quality services at the most reasonable cost!

Convenient services at G Office

Utility services you will be supported when using virtual office services, shared offices at G Office

Business address

Company name board

Professional receptionist

Receiving letters and parcels

High speed internet

Free office lounge area

Register business license

Dedicated telephone number

Receive and forward calls


Free meeting room

Interview room

Free name card printing

Printing, photocopying and scanning equipment

Pantry, beverages

The ecosystem around the office

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