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Co-working space in HCM city


Do you need to to rent Co-working space in HCM City but don’t know which unit should be secured by prestige? The following article will help you find the answer!

Today, more and more co-working spaces appears and change need of using of company make trend. And with trend, company can save mone or finance to do tasks, project,…etc every day.

co-working space in hcm for G-Office

Co-working space in HCM city 1 for G-Office

However, do company know what is it? And what is its feature? Read the content below and you will find the answer for your question!

What is Co-working space? What is its features?

Co-working space is a service model for small office space for each user, with common facilities to serve the needs of working as a real office. Share costs together. This method is suitable for companies with limited budget or need to save money for other tasks.

Features of Co-working space in HCM

Co-working space looks somewhat similar to a virtual office, which means businesses or individuals will have to share workspaces. For example, a large office can gather members of company A, company B, company C, etc. The larger the area, the more number of companies will create a diverse working environment, colorful.

co-working space in HCM city

Co-working space in HCM city 2 for G-Office

Although not a real office, the co-working space still offers a full range of services such as cleaning services, reception, machinery, modern equipment, luxurious furniture, etc. The perception of co-working space is that everyone shares respect.

The benefits of using Co-working space services

Reduce the cost of office space

There are many offices available for rent at relatively high prices, especially in District 1 HCMC - one of the most luxurious and high-tech districts in the city. Therefore, businesses wishing to find a workplace in District 1 without much cost often choose the co-working space. At the same time, the cost of the entire office will be shared with the companies that use the service.

Thanks to sharing space with many other companies, businesses will save more money

For example, the rent for a co-working space in District 1 is 24.000.000 VND / month and 4 companies use it. Thus, each company will pay only 6 million per month. A far smaller number than the actual office.

Co-working space in HCM city 3

Co-working space in HCM city 3 for G-Office

Reduce the cost of interior design

The actual office is just an empty room and a company's job is to decorate and design the interior. Thus, the company will have to cost a lot more than the cost of renting office.

Meanwhile, co-working space will be full of furniture such as furniture, carpets, trees, water, ... and decorate the space as a real office. Therefore, the company will not need to spend more on equipment, equipment and work.

Address the need for business registration address

When implementing co-operation contracts with partners in a certain area, the business must have a specific address to legalize the legal issue. And this is a co-working space problem that can help companies, businesses.

If you rent a Co-working space, the business will have a prime address in the city center to make transactions easy, to reach potential customers.

Besides 3 main benefits, enterprises also enjoy other benefits of this type of office as the business name will be located in the whole house, full use of equipment and utilities (water tank, copier , ...), ...

In District 1, office space is quite high. So, choosing Co-working space will be the best choice for businesses, especially Start-up companies.

Office for rent in HCM City

If you are looking for a reputable office space for rent in District 1, please select our G-Office. With the advantage of application of information technology, telecommunication, the company will save you time and costs, increase the ability to access the market. In addition, the company also provides office services with high-class furniture, modern design, luxury.

Currently, more than 10,000 businesses and entrepreneurs use our company's services.

G-Office is committed to providing professional quality of co-working space for rent in in HCM City, especially in district 1. For advice, please contact us at the following information:

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